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Student Resources LawShelf educational Media Phoenix, Arizona, United States of America
Our mission is to provide high-quality videos and articles to help people learn about the law. We provide legal-educational content and course ware to help educate anyone about the law.

Florida Skubiak & Rivas, P.A. Orlando, Florida, United States of America
The Skubiak & Rivas, P.A. traffic law firm has over 65 years combined experience handling tough and criminal cases in and around Orlando. Our experienced traffic ticket lawyers are ready to fight to get you the best outcome possible.

British Columbia Patrola Law Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
Patrola Law Corporation provides top-tier business law services to startups, entrepreneurs and mature corporations.

Ohio Huey Defense Firm Columbus, Ohio, United States of America
If you are facing an OVI, Vehicular Assault, Vehicular Manslaughter, Vehicular Homicide or other criminal offenses, you need the experience of OVI Attorney Tim Huey and his firm.

Ontario Peter Lamprey, Lawyer & Notary Barrie, Ontario, Canada
From the beginning, Peter Lamprey has been a people-oriented lawyer in Barrie. He enjoys helping people buy or sell a home, prepare a mortgage, create Wills and Powers of Attorneys, and administer estates in the event of a death in the family.