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Ohio Suhre & Associates, LLC - Cincinnati DUI Attorneys Cincinnati, Ohio, United States of America
Suhre & Associates, LLC boasts a collective experience of over 80 years in providing adept legal representation for individuals confronted with criminal charges.

Kentucky Suhre & Associates, LLC - Louisville Criminal Defense Attorney Louisville, Kentucky, United States of America
Suhre & Associates, LLC stands out as a premier criminal defense law firm in Louisville, KY, under the leadership of Attorney Robin Bennett.

California MJB Law Group Tustin, California, United States of America
MJB Law Group, located in the heart of Orange County, California, stands as a beacon of hope for individuals facing injustices in the workplace.

Texas James Kennedy, PLLC El Paso, Texas, United States of America
James B. Kennedy, Jr. is Board Certified in personal injury trial law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, a distinction held by fewer than 3% of all attorneys who practice in Texas.

Alberta Castle & Associates Barristers & Solicitors Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Our legal work has a direct impact on the personal lives of our clients. We handle deeply important and often emotionally stressful legal cases, focusing on securing the best results possible for those who come to us for assistance and representation.